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You get your own library of professionally produced prospecting videos, each 2-minutes or less. Our award-winning producers create unbranded videos to open doors and position you as a Trusted Advisor. Plus, you can add unlimited vendor videos from YouTube. You’ll be amazed how using video makes you a better salesperson, with less work.

Personalized for You

Every video is automatically framed with your company logo and branding. This puts you in the spotlight, increases penetration and directs all response to YOU. Every video from Voodoo and the vendor-manufacturers you represent is instantly “yours.” No distractions and no competitive noise.

Share Everywhere

Need social media content? Video is the answer. You get UNLIMITED use of our engaging and actionable videos and vendor videos, too. Push and share your videos to boost response from every email and social media post. Use them on your website, landing pages, email signatures and more. It’s all included in your low-cost monthly subscription.

Add Vendor Videos from YouTube

Our “Add YouTube Video” feature lets you add unlimited vendor videos to your library. Most vendors offer product videos, sales videos, instructional videos and more. Now you can automatically brand any vendor videos with your logo and contact information. Share them wherever you want. You’ll never miss a sale!

Video Marketing Power

Your Own Video Library

Millions In New Business, Really?

Your Personal Video Library

Wow prospects with your own videos and stop repeating yourself.
  • Add Vendor Videos from YouTube


    Need videos from your vendors? Find them on YouTube and add to your library — instantly.

    Search your vendors’ names on YouTube and you’re likely to find many pro videos explaining and promoting the products you sell. Add to your Voodoo library to make them “your own.” They’ll play in your custom frame with your contact info and response links.

    This unlimited feature comes FREE with any Voodoo Video Club membership.

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    A powerful explainer video that helps convince decision makers NOT to replace and upgrade communications systems without your help.

    This video of less than two minutes — explains the risks of choosing the wrong technology at the wrong price. How it could hurt a business for years —  jeopardizing profit margins and even careers.

    Click the image to watch a 1-minute excerpt.

    Note that the excerpt plays in a sample Voodoo video frame. Subscribe now to get the full-length Communications Technology Consultant explainer video, playing in YOUR OWN personalized video frame.

    You need this promo tool to share via email and social media right NOW. Why try to explain your value to prospects when this video can do it for you?

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    A prospecting video disguised as a news story.

    This video of less than two minutes — explains two new Federal laws — Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act — and how every business and organization in the U.S. should evaluate and update their communications systems to comply.

    Otherwise, they face potentially serious fines and high-dollar jury verdicts that could result from safety negligence. It’s currently estimated that over 70% of American companies are NOT yet compliant.

    Click the image to watch a 1-minute excerpt.

    Note that the excerpt plays in a sample Voodoo video frame. Subscribe now to get the full-length Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act prospecting video, playing in YOUR OWN personalized video frame.

    You need this promo tool to share via email and social media right NOW. This video is generating new leads and bringing existing customers back to the table!

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    The timely “post-pandemic” prospecting video.

    This video of less than two minutes — explains 3 vital ways a Cloud Communications system helps prevent business disruptions and provide better customer service in “The New Normal.”

    Click the image to watch a 1-minute excerpt.

    Note that the excerpt plays in a sample Voodoo video frame. Subscribe now to get the full-length The New Normal prospecting video, playing in YOUR OWN personalized video frame.

    You need this promo tool to share via email and social media right NOW. The pandemic has been a lemon, so let’s make lemonade!

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    This video poses a vital question to your installed base and greenfield prospects: What’s a Contact Center…and does your business really need one?

    A Contact Center doesn’t have to be a phone bank of agents. It can also be virtual — so any employee or contract worker in any location is available to serve any customer. 

    This video explains why adding Contact Center features to an existing or new communications system is essential to customer satisfaction, now and in the future. Customers now demand support by phone, text, chat, email and social media.

    Share this video to find new opportunities!

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    Use this video to explain the essential value and affordability of UC as a Service.

    Most companies do business through disconnected and inefficient communications apps and platforms. This destroys internal efficiency and kills the customer experience, leading to dissatisfied customers, bad reviews and lots of lost business.

    Unified Communications brings phone, text, chat, email and social media into one seamless toolset. It’s what customers absolutely expect and demand these days. And staff loves it, too.

    Start sharing this video to find new opportunities!

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  • Customer Experience “Quick Business Quiz” Series

    Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Service are the hottest keys to success, today and tomorrow.
    (A vendor-commissioned version of this video series set records for click-throughs, viewer engagement and direct response.)

    The Voodoo Video Club gives you full access to this 3-part Quick Business Quiz series, featuring surprising stats highlighting the threats and the opportunities that Customer Experience offers business owners and executives. These innovative animated and live-action videos — each about one minute long — prove why communications technology is the key to giving customers the experience they demand.

    As they watch, your prospects take a quick business quiz alongside a peer who is shocked by the factors customers now value most. It’s a powerful case for upgrading technology now, and all three videos are lead-generating content for your email campaigns and social media feeds.

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  • GDPR – Do you need to comply?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law enacted by the European Union (EU). 

    The law protects consumers with new requirements for collecting and storing personal information with improved data security. This 2-minute news report teaches your prospects and customers how to avoid huge potential fines before they happen.

    Use this video to offer your customers and prospects a free GDPR Security Assessment. Find new opportunities!

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    Help your prospects and customers avoid the exorbitant and unnecessary cost of a data breach.

    This video quantifies the actual cost of security breaches. Your prospects and customers learn how cyber and data security solutions can help them avoid the huge cost of security breaches before they happen.

    Share this video to open doors and find new opportunities!

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  • SD-WAN

    The hottest new network technology is projected to grow over 90% annually.

    But how can you explain the benefits of such a complicated technology without putting your prospects and existing customers to sleep?

    Share this video! Our video about SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) explains why this new technology matters so much to any company that has multiple locations or wants control over its network and bandwidth priorities.

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    Natural disasters are constantly making headlines and seem to be happening more frequently than ever.

    Show prospects and existing customers how you can help them avoid business interruptions by getting prepared BEFORE disaster strikes.

    This live action video features narrated news footage and packs a punch, urging business owners and IT professionals to take action by contacting YOU!

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    Show prospects and customers how to shorten their To-Do Checklists and upgrade their technology when moving or adding a new location.

    Your professional spokesperson Iris Almario demonstrates how easy it can be to cut down a long to-do list.

    The key is free advice from the right communications, IT and infrastructure partner — you. Moving or expanding becomes an opportunity to equip and improve any business.

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    Upgrading from Coax to Fiber-Optic is a huge opportunity for you.

    This clever video demonstrates the importance of upgrading to Fiber by combining live action footage with animated graphics.

    In under 2 minutes, your prospects and customers learn why internet through a shared coax cable with variable upload and download bandwidth often poses a problem for modern businesses. Flawless connectivity is increasingly important to customer satisfaction.

    This new video from Voodoo is available in your Video Club account now.

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  • TELE TALK (about VoIP)

    Teach your prospects the essential benefits of VoIP in just 2 minutes.

    Everybody loves a good TED Talk, so we decided to create our own version called a TELE Talk.

    This fun and informative animated whiteboard video features our expert presenter, named Thomas Telecom. Watch and listen to the crowd reaction…priceless!

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  • It’s All About Mobility

    Explain the key Mobility benefits of VoIP in just over a minute. 

    In this creative and fun live-action video, national TV personality Iris Almario acts as your professional spokesperson.

    Watch as she demonstrates the mobile power of IP phone systems by snapping her fingers to instantly work from home in her PJs! Work from anywhere on any device.


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    Show prospects and customers how to get unchained from their desks and provide better customer service.

    This animated whiteboard video compares Hal, who’s stuck with an outdated business communications system, to Sheila, who has all the benefits of current voice technology.

    This video makes it easy to help prospects and customers understand why they need to upgrade their communications technology today.

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  • Hosted Voice Solutions

    Explain how to upgrade to the latest voice technology for a low fixed monthly payments with no capital expense.

    This live-action video features your new professional spokesperson, Iris Almario.  She interacts with an animated chart to illustrate the benefit of fixed monthly communications costs. Then she defines what a Hosted Voice solution is and why it’s so important to any business looking to reign in their costs and even them out.

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    Show how using a legacy phone system is like being stuck on a desert island…

    This animated whiteboard video updates the Gilligan’s Island theme with fun and informative lyrics about the benefit of Hosted Voice solutions.

    It’s time to help your prospects and customers escape from Legacy Island for faster growth.

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    Help prospects and customers gain the competitive advantage. Arm their teams with the equipment they need to succeed.

    This animated whiteboard video uses a football metaphor to demonstrate the importance of proper equipment…including the latest voice and communications technology.

    Give your prospects and customers the motivation to upgrade their communications technology now.

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  • Tech Teasers Series

    Looking for great social media videos? Here they are, ready to post. 

    Joining the Voodoo Video Club also gives you full access to our series of Tech Upgrade teaser videos. These creative and fun live-action videos — each 20 seconds or less — demonstrate the importance of upgrading older communications equipment.

    Prospects engage with these videos immediately, watching and laughing as Iris struggles with an old-fashioned roadmap (instead of using GPS), as she “works blind” with her old phone system, and when she explodes from sitting on the ticking time bomb of old technology. The metaphors make a powerful case for upgrading now instead of waiting until disaster strikes. You’ll love how these short videos help revitalize your social media feeds.

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